The Brewery

Each day we try to improve. In our quest to introduce new and better products we adapt our local to appreciate even more, if anything, the dishes are prepared. Our philosophy is clear: the good dishes are to come first by sight and then the taste. Here's some examples, how are we decorated the windows, which are the result of constant work of innovation and change that, personally we liked.

Some details are specially placed to each case, as wtry to personalise with everything included to improve.

We work hard every day to offer you the best quality on our products, and we think that is really important to have a good presentation. That;s why, we also present a picture of our front, which we care every day, exposing it beers from around the world and of all classes. Wood has always been a hallmark of the brewery and that we hope will remain so for long.

It could be said that "it seems like yesterday," but actually it's been 27 years since a March 14, 1985 and the whole illusion of the world, we decided to start this venture.

Twenty-seven years that a lot has been around, especially and fortunately a lot of work and many friends. Some remain and others have been lost by the different paths of life. Many neighborhood friends have left us temporarily for work, moving house ... But occasionally we get the joy of them making us a visit and tell us how their life is going.

All our clients are important for us, but we would like to lovely remember Jaime Agullo's friends group. Young friends who have been with us since the very first day of history and over time we have seen even four or five marriages between them. We always visit at Christmas. A pleasure.

Highlighted mention to Jaime Agulló. His early loss caused us a great sadness. Their large and friendly forgetfulnes will always be reminded t. Some day will outline in these pages to enjoy their occurrences. We will continue working to keep writing "our history" with the square and lively as now.