The Cerveceria Santa Ana

Every day we try to improve the Cervecería Santa Ana more. In our eagerness to present new and better products we adapt our premises to appreciate even more, if possible, the dishes that are prepared. Our philosophy is clear: good dishes must enter first by sight and then by the palate. Here we can see some examples of what we say, how we have the decorated cabinets, which are the result of a constant work of innovation and change that, personally, we liked a lot.

Some details are specially placed for each showcase, to our liking and trying to personalize with everything that we include to improve.

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We work hard every day to offer the best but we think that is worth less if the cover letter is not properly served. For this reason, we also present ourselves with a photograph of our façade, which we take care of every day, exhibiting beers from all over the world and from all classes. Wood has always been a hallmark of the brewery and, we hope, will remain for a long time.

Did you know...

Our square is in a space that until 1810 occupied the church, monastery, gardens and orchards of the convent of the Discalced Carmelite Sisters of Santa Ana


Continuing with the topic, we could say that "it seems that it was yesterday", but in fact it has been years since a March 14, 1985 and with all the illusion of the world, we decided to start this commercial adventure.

More than thirty years in which, as is logical, there has been everything, above all, and fortunately, a lot of work and many friendships. Some remain and others have been lost by the different paths that destiny has in store for us. Numerous friends of the neighborhood have momentarily "abandoned" us for work reasons, change of residence ... but that from time to time they give us the joy of Visit us and tell us how life is going.

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As is logical, all our clients are important to us, but we want to remember with love the group of Jaime Agulló and his friends, a group of young people who accompanied us from our first days of life and who, with the passing of the We have seen even four or five weddings between them. They always visit us at Christmas. A joy.

Special mention we want to make for Jaime Agulló (Father). His premature loss caused us great sadness. They will always be remembered their great and nice confusions. Someday we will review them in these pages to enjoy their occurrences

We will continue working to continue writing "our history" with the happy and bustling square as now.


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Cerveceria Santa Ana
Plaza de Santa Ana 10 Madrid, 28012
(+34) 91 429 36 35
from 11am to 1.30am Fri and Sat till 2.30am.